​In 2015 we set for ourselves an aggressive program for growth in seven key areas of our common life.  But growing physically has always been both the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge.  It is the pivot around which all the rest of our dreams can move.

A new worship space will allow all of these expressions of St. Matthew’s to become healthier, stronger and more impactful.  It will allow the Christ-centered community of this place to touch the lives of more people around us.  It will allow us to put down deeper roots and become a beacon of hope and care for the Chandler community.

A small group of our new visionaries began meeting in 2016 to discuss how we would achieve these ambitious goals.  We studied other successful church builds, consulted with experts, and brought in the best architects in the Valley to help cast a vision for our future.  These plans add a new 6,000 square foot church building on the north end of our current property.  The architect was inspired by the original master plans from the 1950s and based his designs on those visionary, but never completed, ideas.  This beautiful new space carries forward the finest traditions of Episcopal worship while offering a contemporary and welcoming setting for the diversity of our services.

As of June 21, 2017, we have raised $1,730,087 (96%) of our original goal of $1.8 MM (estimated project cost).  Our live phase of the Capital Campaign continues in earnest – we need to raise the balance of the funds required to complete construction!

Click here to see what our dreams will look like!  July 24, 2017:  Demolition of the parking lot has started - check your email for current updates!  If you don't currently receive our e-blasts, please contact the office.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting, visionary project, please donate now by clicking the link below, or by contacting Janet Lyons in our office at 480-899-7386.

Capital Campaign

Contact us today! 480-899-7386