Summer Adult Education Offerings

Have you ever wondered at some of the concepts contained in the Bible, like what kind of clothes God made for Adam and Eve, or did God really laugh?  Have you wondered about the powerful emotion, compelling imagery and ancient wisdom of the Psalms? Join us this summer for honest questions that deserve honest conversation!  Journey with us as we explore sacred words, their many meanings, and our relationship with the Living God.

Wednesday’s in July -
6:30 - 7:30 p.m., meeting at St. Matthew’s in the Couch Room (Office). The Psalms are one of the most important, as well as most ancient, parts of our worship, and yet we know little about them.  From the depths of history to the modern day, they maintain their impact and power. Please join Fr. Dominic as we immerse ourselves in the wisdom, emotion and beauty of this ancient book.  You will need to bring a Bible with you - any translation will be fine - and join us for a lively conversation as we read and discuss these amazing works of poetry!  No advance reading required.

Weekday/weeknight offerings:

Thursday Morning Bible Study
Every week, Thursday, 10 AM to 11:30 AM
Come and join a group of enthusiastic parishioners eager to know and understand the Word of God. Our Bible Study is open to men and women of all ages - we meet every Thursday morning in the Parish Hall to discuss, reflect and learn from each other as we study God's word. Each week we come away with a deeper understanding of Scripture— an understanding that increases our faith.  New members are always welcome - you don’t have to “know anything” before you begin! For further information, contact Ann Port.

Lectio Divina and reading the Sunday Lectionary
Please join us on Wednesdays from 10:45 - 11:45 a.m. (through July 5, 2017) in the Remix Room for a study of the upcoming weekly lectionary gospel reading using the lectio divina (divine reading) format. This style enables us to develop a close, personal relationship with Jesus as we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to each one of us through the Word. You can find the weekly readings here.  No preparation is necessary - each week's study will stand on its own, which means you can attend as you have time!  Please feel free to contact Audrey Bennett for further information. All are welcome - bring your friends!  Lectio Divina will take a summer hiatus beginning July 12, 2017 and will resume on November 8, 2017.

Theology on Tap 
Theology on Tap has taken a short summer break to brew another specialty batch.  Stayed tuned to hear what our next offering will be!  If you have questions while we brew, please contact Shawn Rutledge.  

Adult Education

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